Ello Ello Ello, what do we have here then. Gerry Coulter & Sabine McNeill together !!!!!! arrrgh


Velly velly interlesting, within a few days of publishing this blog, the McKenzies friends from Hell wordpress blog is taken down by its publishers !!!!!!! even removed from google cache, but not from here



McKenzie Friends from Hell

“Who needs enemies when you have friends like these?”



BREAKING: McKenzie Friend SUED for £12,000!!!

BREAKING: David Bright & Claire Silverstone (The Parents Voice London Ltd) – Immediate Custodial!

BREAKING: McKenzie Con Artists Ready For JEB

Steven Duncan Allan’s Nonsense

Elizabeth Watson (Vicky Haigh Case)

Gerry Coulter

Dave Darby

Dave Darby, McKenzie Friend,  delivery driver, otherwise moonlighting as McKenzie Friend both online forums and in courts around the High Wycombe Area but willing to cover all of England and Wales. He is an activist on the very extremes of…Continue Reading →

John Hemming (Former MP)

John Hemming, McKenzie Friend and also former MP (Lib Dems Birmingham Yardley) setup shop under the controversial Umbrella organisation called “Justice for Families” (JFF), had a string of naive McKenzie Friends working for him, some realised and came to their…Continue Reading →

Sabine Kurjo McNeill

This is the excerpt for a placeholder post.

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